A Peak-Bloom Cherry Blossom Engagement Session Along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC | Hannah Bjorndal

A Peak-Bloom Cherry Blossom Engagement Session Along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC

This peak-bloom cherry blossom engagement session along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC was photographed on Monday, March 29, 2021 by Hannah Bjorndal. Hannah is a cherry blossom engagement session photographer located in Washington, DC. She is available for cherry blossom engagements in the spring and also other engagement sessions throughout the year.

March and April are when “peak” cherry blossom blooms occur, which means we have lots and lots of engagement sessions at this time of year! Locals as well as out-of-town visitors love to have their photos taken amid the beautiful cherry blossoms, and it is pretty obvious why when you see the beautiful photo results!

Every year, I suggest that our couples schedule their session tentatively and also possibly earlier than the predicted peak bloom. It is really difficult to hit the nail on the head when it comes to peak bloom, and unexpected weather freezes, windy days and even warm weather earlier in March can throw everything off. This session, however, was timed PERFECTLY. We hit peak bloom (which happened earlier than everyone thought and predicted!) and the Tidal Basin was GLOWING – it was a perfect morning!

Nikki & Michael are the sweetest pair! Originally from California, these two moved to the Washington, D.C. last year. I gave them full reassurance that life in D.C. only gets better from here (global pandemic, frigid winter, etc.)! Cherry blossom photos, in my opinion, are the perfect, iconic “we’re D.C. residents now” type of photos. Nikki is also a makeup artist, and so her makeup (as you can see!) was absolutely perfect!

It was such a joy to photograph this beautiful couple! What a picture-perfect morning! Cheers to the spring, flowers blooming and wedding season beginning! And congratulations to Nikki & Michael on their upcoming wedding!

Apr 1, 2021

Hannah Bjorndal

Hannah Bjorndal

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