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September 13, 2018

A Summer Internship in Review: Grace | Hannah Bjorndal Wedding Photography Internship Program

If you’ve been following along with my business over the last year, you know that 2018 was my first year for the Hannah Bjorndal Wedding Photography Internship Program! I had two fabulous interns in the spring, Cassie & Wendy, and another fantastic intern this summer, Grace! Grace just finished her internship a few weeks ago (we celebrated with tacos and margs, obviously) and I asked her to share her experience with all of you! Enjoy this little interview with her!

What are 2-3 things that you learned/made a lasting impact?

This internship was packed with many amazing learning opportunities from hands-on camera experience to behind the scenes of a creative business. One thing I learned that will stick with me, is the importance of social media when creating/growing a business. Social media should not just be a way to reach future clients, but a way to engage and create personal relationships with them. Another thing I learned is to loosen up on the perfectionism! One thing Hannah and I have in common is the desire to create perfection. However, it’s simply impossible! It’s better to just put something out there, rather than to be crippled by the need to be perfect.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

I’m not going to lie, going to several beautiful weddings alongside of Hannah was my absolute favorite! She is so patient with questions and took the time to teach me any lesson that she had to learn the hard way to save me any trouble— which in my opinion, is a very rare learning experience. She genuinely is rooting for me & wanting the best of my creative dreams. My time with Hannah was personable, impactful, and definitely worthwhile!

What was your favorite day?

Oh please don’t make me choose! Maybe a sunrise engagement shoot because it was just so exciting and  beautiful to enjoy the quiet morning before it was filled with the daily hustle & bustle of people. Plus the light was absolutely stunning!

How was it the same or different than what you expected?

I feel like I’ve said this already, but I honestly wasn’t expecting Hannah to give up so many of her “secrets” with starting and growing a creative business. Hannah genuinely loves to teach and it was way more of a joyful learning experience than anything else.

What are you plans for the next year?

I’ll be finishing up my last year in college which is crazy and exciting all at once. With my degree in Communication and minor in Design my hope is to find a job in a creative field (fingers crossed!!). Bring on the job hunt!

Thank you, Grace, for being a part of my team all summer! It was so much fun having you as my wedding photography intern!

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