It is with great joy and excitement that I introduce to you Cassie Tobias, associate photographer and the newest member of the HBP team! Cassie is incredibly talented and a delight with which to work. Starting as an intern last spring, she was such an easy choice when I decided to add a new photographer […]

November 21, 2018


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Introducing: Cassie Tobias | Associate Wedding Photographer | HBP Team

As we’ve been hinting and alluding to for several weeks (and months!), the HBP team is GROWING and we’ve hired an associate who will begin booking & shooting her own weddings in 2019! In anticipation of a lot of questions about this new addition to our team, we’ve created this FAQ post about the new […]

November 19, 2018

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FAQs about hiring an associate wedding photographer | HBP Team

If you’ve been following along with my business over the last year, you know that 2018 was my first year for the Hannah Bjorndal Wedding Photography Internship Program! I had two fabulous interns in the spring, Cassie & Wendy, and another fantastic intern this summer, Grace! Grace just finished her internship a few weeks ago […]

September 13, 2018

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A Summer Internship in Review: Grace | Hannah Bjorndal Wedding Photography Internship Program

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of traveling. Not only am I a big fan, but I kind of need it! Maybe that sounds dramatic and VERY #firstworldproblems, but the truth is that as an artist, being inspired and refreshed is essential. And it just so happens that traveling and photographing […]

September 11, 2018

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6 Steps I Took to Get Paid to Travel as a Wedding Photographer | Destination Weddings | Hannah Bjorndal Photography

Let’s give a HUGE warm welcome to my summer wedding photography intern, Grace! At the beginning of the year, I launched my Washington, D.C. wedding photography internship program. You guys, it has been SO much fun! I absolutely love having an intern! It’s been a joy-filled, uplifting and surprisingly rewarding experience. I’m planning on continuing […]

June 13, 2018


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Welcome to Our Summer Intern: Grace | Washington, D.C. Wedding Photography Internship Program | Hannah Bjorndal Photography