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  Something you might not know about me is that I had a radio show in college (shoutout to 91.1 The One in NW PA!). The show was called Top Ten at Ten. Each week, we had a different top ten list that we shared with our listeners. It’s been nearly a decade since that […]

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#001. How Service-Based Selling will Transform Your Business: 3 Essential Steps that will Turn Prospects into Paying Clients

#002. Friendzone to Endzone: How Befriending Your Potential Client Can Make them a Paying Customer

#003. New Business Owner? Here are 3 Things You MUST Do As Soon As You Start Your Business

#004. 3 Fast & Easy Ways to Up Your Instagram Game & Bring in New Leads TODAY

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  If you saw the word “stats” and are hesitating to actually click play . . . DO IT! I know that for us wedding photographers, numbers and math are not typically what get us excited. However, what I’m sharing today is simple and easy to implement and can make all the difference in the […]

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#018. 5 Stats You Need to Start Measuring TODAY to Grow Your Business

Jul 29, 2020

This episode is all about building trust with potential clients. I’m sharing my 6 top tips for growing a loyal following of couples, serving them with intention, and then getting them to the finish line to book! Building trust is the first step of building a solid relationship with my couples in general, so it’s […]

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#017. 6 of My BEST Tips for Building Trust with Potential Clients

Jul 22, 2020

Do you feel like most of the wedding days you photograph go exactly as planned? Do you always have enough time to photograph everyone and everything? Or . . . do you find yourself feeling rushed, frantic, and stressed during wedding days? In short: do you feel like the timing of the wedding day is […]

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#016. My Secret to Ensuring Each Wedding Day is Picture-Perfect (and Exactly How I Do It!)

Jul 14, 2020

In this episode, I’m sharing 5 success-killing lies that many photographers (myself included!) can easily believe that will totally hold you back from achieving success. These lies not only create unnecessary fear, but also will hold you back from being all you can be. I know first-hand just how harmful each of these can be […]

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#015. 5 Success-Killing Lies that Are Holding You Back Right Now

Jul 8, 2020

  Is there a question that potential clients ask you that you absolutely DREAD having to answer? Like . . . you hope and pray that a client doesn’t ask you THIS ONE THING every time you hop on a phone call? Then they ask, you mess it up, they don’t book you . . […]

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#014. Why You Should LOVE Hard Questions from Clients

Jul 1, 2020

  Workflows are an essential part of the Hannah Bjorndal Photography business. They keep us organized, allow us to consistently give clients an amazing experience, and save us hours and hours of time on a weekly basis! If you’re not already implementing a workflow of your own, no worries. That’s what this episode is all […]

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#013. How Having a Workflow Will Transform Your Business (+ I Share My Own Honeybook Workflow!)

Jun 24, 2020

As wedding photographers, we are artists and storytellers. Being in a creative field, there is a ton of pressure to stand out and to make a unique statement – just in general to be KNOWN for something. I remember feeling SO discouraged earlier on in my career because I felt like the quality of my […]

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#012. My Secret to Standing Out + 7 Ways You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Jun 17, 2020

  If you think about your “ideal wedding day” as a wedding vendor, a lot of different things come to mind for different people. However, one thing is pretty much certain: the people you work with and how they treat you (and others!) matter. Vendors play a crucial role in the tone for the day – […]

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#011. Why You Need to be the Nicest Vendor in the Room & How to Grow Your Business Through Doing It

Jun 10, 2020

  A few weeks ago, I recorded an episode that focused on common misconceptions about the word “sales.” (Check it out if you haven’t listened yet – episode #007!) After recording, I realized that there are a LOT more misconceptions in the wedding photography word (particularly with client relationships!) that are damaging the businesses of […]

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#010. How You Can Avoid the Difficult Client Myth Trap

Jun 3, 2020


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