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Exploring how creative-minded entrepreneurs can live their best and most successful lives by building profitable, sustainable businesses. The conversations in each episode focus on thriving over surviving and working smarter, not harder.

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"Everyone Wins has given me renewed direction that there is meaning in this work and that success is achievable . . ."

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I'm passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs redefine success on their own terms and then make a strategic long-term plan to achieve it. 

I started this podcast as a way to share what I've learned  and help fellow creatives gain clarity, confidence and direction so that they can create a life they love using their business as the power source.

When I'm not podcasting,  running my photography business or working with small business owners, I enjoy traveling abroad with my husband, Evan, relaxing pool-side with a cocktail at our beach house in Naples, or enjoying slow Saturday mornings with coffee and good conversation.

hannah bjorndal

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Please note:  we plan, schedule and record podcast episodes on a quarterly basis, so we often do not reach out to guests until we are ready to schedule for the following quarter. If our schedule is full for the following quarter, it may take even longer to reach out to schedule and record an interview! If you haven't heard from us in several weeks, please feel free to email us directly at