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March 6, 2018

Gorgeous Portraits with a Glowing White Marble Backdrop at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. | Rachel Galuzzo | Hannah Bjorndal Photography

These gorgeous portraits with a glowing white marble backdrop at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. were photographed by Hannah Bjorndal on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Hannah is a wedding & portrait photographer based in the Washington, D.C. area.

Rachel and I first met on Instagram in the fall, and then met up in person a couple months ago! She’s an up-and-coming wedding photographer in D.C. and wanted to connect to talk about all things photography. We’ve been friends ever since! I was so excited when she asked me to do headshots!

Sunday was rainy, so we picked DAR Constitution Hall as our backdrop. This gorgeous, historic building sits right across the street from the White House, and the beautiful white marble reflects light so beautifully for headshots! It also has tons of covering to protect from rainy weather! Rachel is such a natural beauty and was literally GLOWING! It was so fun working with her!

So excited to share some of my favorites!

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is that I get to be a part of the amazing creative community here in the District. I’m constantly amazed at how many opportunities and outlets their are to connect with other photographers and wedding vendors. Mentoring and teaching new photographers is one of the things I’m most passionate about, so it’s exciting to constantly be meeting new people!

If you’re new to the creative community, the wedding industry, or photography, there are so many excellent resources available to you here in Washington, DC! I highly recommend getting connected to your Tuesdays Together chapter of the Rising Tide Society to get started. There are tons of other great community groups available through social media which often result in real, in-person connections and relationships. Also, if you’re interested in mentoring or internships with me, please get in touch! I’d love to get to know you!

Love this session? Looking for headshots or portraits of your own? Let’s chat! I offer a variety of sessions to fit the needs of a wide variety of professionals!

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