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January 1, 2017

How I went full time with my wedding photography business

Transitioning your photography hobby or part-time gig to a full-time wedding photography career takes careful planning, tons of hard work, and, most of all, courage. It’s daunting to feel like you’ll never be able to succeed in booking a couple’s wedding when there are so many other, more experienced wedding photographers out there. How do you even begin to plan to go full-time with your wedding photography business? This series of posts is meant to address these very concerns at questions, as well as help you on your journey to a full-time career in wedding photography!

how i went full time with my wedding photography business


You’ve reached out to a ton of local wedding photographers offering your second shooting services. You’ve brought your camera to friends’ weddings hoping you might be able to get an image or two that will help build your portfolio. You sit at your 9-5 job, looking through another successful photographer’s Instagram account wondering, “how the heck can I do what she’s doing?” and you’re completely lost. Does this sound familiar? You’re in the right place.

At some point, every single wedding photographer out there had to think, “how can I make this a full time job?” Every successful wedding photographer had a first wedding, a first website, a first check to cash at the bank. In the wedding photography industry, that path to success is different for everyone. However, there are consistent themes in the most successful wedding photographers’ journey to steady, full-time work, and I’m pleased to be sharing my personal story as well as best advice for how to make your photography hobby into a full-time career.

You may be surprised to find that this series focuses very little on the actual art of photography. This is because I firmly believe that every wedding photographer should find his/her own style. Art is a personal, unique expression and you will need time and practice to develop and refine your style. Additionally, artistic style can’t really be taught. In other words, you either have it or you don’t. Chances are, if you’re interested in this field, you’ve got a great eye for photography and probably have been encouraged that you’re good at it by friends and family!

Instead, this blog series focuses on practical business and marketing steps that will assist you in getting engaged couples in the door and getting your name out there. I’ll be talking about how each of the following steps will allow your business to take off:

  1. Capitalize on your networks.
  2. Be confident & know your pitch.
  3. Take advantage of free marketing.
  4. Define your brand.

To be honest, my portfolio and style was very weak when I first started my business, but because I focused on these areas, I found fast success and was able to develop my skills along the way. If you’re serious about turning wedding photography into a successful career, stay tuned and follow along in the next few weeks as I share my secrets to success.

how to become a full time wedding photographer

If you are serious about launching a full time wedding photography business and want custom-tailored guidance and expertise, please consider getting in touch with me to discuss one-on-one mentorship opportunities. I offer a select number of mentorship sessions each year and would love to learn more about the specific areas in which you need help! 


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