Romantic and Stylish Spring Engagement Session in Wilmington, NC | Hannah Bjorndal

Romantic and Stylish Spring Engagement Session in Wilmington, NC

This romantic and stylish engagement session in Wilmington, NC was photographed by Hannah Bjorndal on Sunday, March 24, 2019. Hannah is a Washington, D.C.-based wedding photographer available for weddings and engagements in Washington, D.C, nationally and internationally.

Can you imagine a more beautiful day? Lauren, Giles and I met in Wilmington, NC last Sunday for their engagement session and spring was all around us! With a beautiful, sunny sky and perfect weather forecast, this engagement session was one for the books!

 Lauren and Giles met at a concert when Giles asked her to dance (how amazing is that?!). Trying to hide this from her cousins, she gave Giles her number and that’s how it all started! They picked this location because Lauren went to school at UNC Wilmington. She has since introduced Giles to this quaint little town, and it has become a special place for both of them! It’s kind of hilarious that we met for the first time here, because these two actually live just a few blocks from me in Arlington!

This was my very first trip to Wilmington, and it did not disappoint! We met for drinks at Anne Bonny’s Bar and Grille, right on the water, before heading out to shoot gorgeous portraits. There were so many beautiful places to shoot that it was hard to choose! I was so glad that Lauren and Giles were familiar with the area and already had some favorites picked out! The combination of city and beach was so perfect (what more could I ask for?!).

While we were together, Lauren told me about Trunk Club. What is Trunk Club? It’s basically a personal stylist that helps you build your dream wardrobe, and it’s all done online! Stylists get to know you and your personal style, and then assemble “trunks” for you – collections of clothing that fit your style. It’s also incredibly affordable – the stylist fee is $25, but you can use that $25 toward ANY purchase within your trunk! So it’s essentially a FREE service to get you the highest quality clothing that fits your style. And it’s my newest obsession! Both of Lauren’s outfits came from Trunk Club, and they are KILLER!

Giles and Lauren are getting married this October, and the lovely & talented Cassie Tobias (lead photographer for HBP!) will be photographing their wedding! She would have photographed this gorgeous engagement herself if it hadn’t been so far away! I feel lucky that we BOTH get to photograph this beautiful couple! And I’m so excited to share my favorite photos with you!


Mar 27, 2019

Hannah Bjorndal

Hannah Bjorndal

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