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February 15, 2018

Welcome to Our Spring Interns: Part 1 | Wendy | Hannah Bjorndal Photography

The warmest of welcomes to the first of my spring interns, Wendy Zook! 2018 is my FIRST year to offer an internship program, and I am so thrilled to have two fantastic interns working with me!

Say heyyyyy to Wendy!

Wendy will be working with me until mid-May, shadowing at weddings and other couple’s sessions, so you might just see her face again soon! In the meantime, let’s get to know her:

  1. Give us a 30-second introduction: Wendy is many things and loves to wear many hats. She’s a Jersey Girl, Momma of 2, lucky wife to Scott, Down syndrome advocate, aspiring yogi, coffee addict, adventurer and old soul. She loves freezing time and capturing moments and emotions with her Nikon. She wants to bring a little joy into the day and make the world a little better than when it found her.
  2. What brought you to HBP? Hannah and her incredible talent has come across my social media feeds numerous times in the past year or so and I appreciated her work and creativity but didn’t dive deeper until I saw the internship opportunity, at which time I really took some time to learn more about her and her brand and what HBP is all about.
  3. What are you most excited to do as an intern? The internship experience gives me an opportunity to use my talents, develop other areas and help develop the next chapter of a photographer and business I strongly believe in and I am SO excited!
  4. What inspires you? I’m inspired by love and beauty and joy, more than anything else. For me, that comes in the form of my children’s laughter, a hike outdoors, helping others and so much more. Every day, I am inspired by new and unexpected things.
  5. Three of your favorite things? Three favorite things only? Hmm… belly laughs, quiet meditative moments and romance.
  6. Your drink of choice? Sweetened flavored coffee!
  7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I would return to South America and further explore the continent. I lived in Argentina for a short time in college and visited Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and several regions of Argentina and it was completely life-changing. I would love to go back and be inspired by the incredible people that live there and the beautiful and varied landscapes.
  8. Favorite color? PURPLE! All shades, but probably especially a lavender or lilac.
  9. Someone would be surprised to know: I am a terribly shy introvert. I seem able to hide it well in public settings and on busy “people” days like weddings, but I definitely need to decompress with some alone time afterwards. I love people though!
  10. Where can people find you? Website: / Instagram: / Facebook: / Pinterest:


Meet our other intern, Cassie!


Interested in interning with HBP? Check out this blog post to apply for the FALL 2018 internship, or shoot me a message directly at!

  1. Wendy Zook

    February 16th, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    I am SO excited for this journey with you! Thank you! 

  2. Hannah Bjorndal

    February 16th, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    So glad to have you on board, Wendy! 🙂

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