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EPISODE #054: 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout & Create More Time in Your Life

September 1, 2021

Have you ever said this statement to a friend, a spouse or partner, a peer in your industry . . . or maybe you’ve just written it in your journal?

I know what I need to be doing, I just don’t have the time right now to do it.

I really hope I’m not alone here, because I definitely was saying this pretty much on a daily basis to my husband for several years. I knew exactly what it would take to achieve XYZ successes and accomplishments that I was aiming for. I had learned all the strategies – through podcasts, courses, networking events, mentorships, you name it. I knew I could see the finish line. But for about two full years, absolutely nothing changed in my business. I worked roughly the same number of hours and made roughly the same amount of money. I was disappointed with the same things in my business as I had been two years previously. All the changes that were taking place in my business honestly felt marginal.

And I think you already know what happens at the end of this story, right? No one can keep on keeping on with a business when your heart and your mind are dreaming of all that could be, but NOTHING actually ever happens. I hit a wall – I was burnt out. My work suffered, and as a result, my clients suffered. Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

I hear a lot (and I mean A LOT) of small business owners say that exact phrase – I know what I need to be doing, I just don’t have enough time right now to do it. And what makes me really sad is that I will hear this same phrase over and over again over the course of weeks, months and even years.

So today, I want to tackle this topic and share what I think so many business owners are getting totally wrong. Listen now!

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