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EPISODE #075: How to Cultivate a Money-Making Mindset with Amanda Joyce Weber

January 26, 2022

What, right now, is stopping you from achieving what you’re dreaming of? Did you think of something specific? Or maybe a few things? For many of us, we feel held back by something – whether it be a lack of knowledge or a skill set, or even fear. Today, I’m talking with special guest Amanda Joyce Weber about common myths, or false beliefs, that hold us back from being successful, and also exploring what we can do to overcome these things.

More about Amanda: She is a mindset and sales coach who helps online business owners who are struggling behind the scenes to cultivate the mindset they need to land clients and make money on repeat. Through one-on-one coaching and her signature Sincere Sales method, she takes the “ick” out of selling and demystifies what it takes to make money in business so her clients can truly thrive. Her clients have gone on to reduce their working hours, close higher-paying projects, and have their first $18k month.

She is also the host of the podcast, One Simple Shift, that teaches entrepreneurs that their biggest results start with one simple mindset shift. Today, she operates her coaching practice in the mountains outside Denver, Colorado. When she’s not supporting clients, she’s going for early morning trail runs, mid-day walks with her puppy, and Friday sushi dates with her hubby.

On this episode, we address common myths/false-beliefs about money and success as a small business owner. Amanda also has a myth-busting series where she goes into more depth about each of these. Specifically, we cover the false beliefs that:

–I/My business should be “further ahead.”

–I need a certain number of followers on social media to make money.

–I need to have it “all together” in order to achieve anything significant.

–I don’t know where to get my next client.

Amanda and I discuss what’s wrong with these false beliefs and how to overcome them by making one simple shift.

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