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EPISODE #081: How to Use Automations to Grow Your Business & Get Your Life Back with Honeybook Pro Diana Wei Fang

March 9, 2022

How much time each week do you spend on administrative tasks? I’m talking about sending client emails, booking dates on your calendar, collecting payments, and generally making sure all of your projects are up to date and where they need to be. Is it 8 hours? 10 hours? Half of your work week?

We all know that taking care of customers is essential to having a successful business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have – if you have paying customers (and especially if you are providing any type of service), then you are going to be spending time and energy making sure they have a great experience with you (and that you get the job done!). This is just how it works!

But that is time consuming. If you spend a lot of your work week on simply managing projects, you aren’t left with a lot of time to do other things to make sure your business can actually grow. There isn’t a lot of time for strategy.

So, I’m guessing if you’re listening right now and you’ve had a business for a while, you probably DO have some kind of system that you follow to make sure your clients have a consistent experience. But I’m also going to guess that there are some things you could be doing to save yourself even more time and energy AND also give your client an extra-special experience with you.

That’s what we’re talking about today – I’m talking with a systems strategist and  Honeybook Pro, Diana Wei Fang, all about how to use client relationship management tools to make your life easier and your clients happier.

Diana is the owner of The Finer Points, a social media & systems strategist. She helps creatives and small business owners like you tell your story and reach your people—in less time—through social media and systems. She creates content strategies that mirrors your mission and values, getting your extraordinary work seen by the right people. As a HoneyBook Pro, she also helps transform your everyday tasks into done-for-you business systems on autopilot.

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